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Memória sobre a plantação dos algodões e sua exportação sobre a decadencia da lavoura de mandiocas, no termo da villa de Camamú, Comarca dos Ilhéos, Governo da Bahia (Portuguese)

, i.e., groups based on typical features shared among performs of comparable kind. For illustration, if I ended up organizing my bookshelf, And that i positioned each of the books with the early 1800s on a single shelf, and the many publications published within the Victorian time period on another shelf, and all the twentieth-century textbooks on the final shelf, I have arranged my literature by periodization

In the end, the Stuart monarch was captured and executed, and his supporters fled to your continent With all the heir on the throne, leaving the Puritans in electric power. The Puritans identified as their routine the "Commonwealth," and it had been nominally a parliamentarian federal government but a de facto

In poetry, such a change usually falls during the caesura, nevertheless the effect just isn't restricted to alliterative verse.

The Blackfriar's theater was just one this kind of architectural illustration made up of a pit. In later hundreds of years, the musical orchestra would be moved to this situation.

in German): A humorous novel in which the plot includes a youthful knave's misadventures and escapades narrated in comic or satiric scenes. This roguish protagonist--known as a picaro

, The good temple dedicateSd towards the virgin goddess Athena, that's situated on top of the Acropolis in Athens.

characterized by rhythmical designs of language. These patterns typically consist of patterns of meter (normal patterns of superior and lower worry), syllabification (the quantity of syllables in Every line of text), rhyme, alliteration, or mixtures of these elements. The poem normally requires figurative language which include techniques and tropes, and also the poem might bend (or outright split) the conventions of ordinary communicative speech while in the try to embody an authentic idea or convey a linguistic expertise.

In 1901, Gustav changed the name of his organization to Craftsman and adapted the motto "Als Ik Kan" ("If I'm able to"). He also commenced publication of a journal, titled, The Craftsman, promoting his new design concept of "simplicity, sturdiness and excellent," and regarding his perform this contact form as his particular "mission." Gustav was joined in 1903 by gifted designer Harvey Ellis (1852-1904), as well as their furniture line satisfied with these outstanding achievement that manufacture before long grew to become nationally franchised and they moved operations to Ny city in 1905. But demand shortly exceeded production ability, and imitators abounded. On account of this kind official site of proliferation, furniture made by Stickley and Other individuals motivated by him became identified generically as, "Mission Furniture." Substantial imitation and Level of competition of mission-model patterns resulted in this content bankruptcy for Gustav in 1915. In 1916, his brothers' organization, L. and J. G. Stickley modern furniture mount alfred Organization, purchased Gustav's manufacturing facility and continued to function it given that the Stickley Producing Corporation.

If a author or speaker works by using periphrasis While using the deliberate aim of tricking, misleading, or confusing the audience, that act is known as ambage.

PLATONIC: In popular utilization, folks typically utilize the term "platonic" to mean "mental as an alternative to Actual physical." Consequently, a Platonic really like-affair is a single by which the few is attracted to one another for psychological or psychological characteristics as an alternative to bodily attributes. More specifically, however, Platonic philosophy is Plato's concept that driving (or higher than or outdoors) the imperfect physical environment, A further intangible earth of abstract Concepts has its individual existence.

. If, even so, I positioned the many publications made up of tragic drama jointly on a single shelf, ands put all my Western novels on Yet another shelf, and place the many poetry collections on the last shelf, I've structured my publications according to style

PALIMPSEST (Grk, "rubbed absent): A surface area for instance a piece of parchment or vellum where just one textual content had been created, but then later turned partly or wholly "erased" every time a subsequent scribe or bookmarker recycled the website page and utilised a knife or edged Software to scrape absent the first surface.

PLOT: The composition and connection of actions and gatherings in a piece of fiction. In order for a plot to start, some type of catalyst is essential. Although the temporal order of activities while in the get the job done constitutes the "Tale," see here we've been Talking of plot instead of story the moment we look at how these functions relate to each other And the way They can be rendered and arranged In order to achieve their certain outcomes. Be aware that, though it is actually most common for situations to unfold chronologically or

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